The Orlando Company, Inc.

In 1906, Peter Orlando arrived in America after a two week trip in steerage class from his home in Misilmeri, Sicily. He turned 16 while crossing the Atlantic and had twenty dollars in his pocket. He spoke no English and traveled alone; the rest of his family stayed in Italy. While only in America for a few years, he decided to build a mixed use building in his new home town of Fresno, California. He got a private loan from two brothers who believed in him and his work ethic that allowed him to build on a property that was ideally located on the corner of Tuolomne and E Streets in the heart of the multi-ethnic community of immigrants on Fresno’s west side. The two-story building was 10,000 square feet and housed Orlando Market (Peter’s grocery store), a printer, a seamstress, a warehouse, a gathering hall for local groups, a residence for Peter’s growing family and a rental unit. In the 1960’s and 1990’s, Peter’s son, Carl, developed two industrial buildings for his food manufacturing companies. They were built to high quality standards and were always the nicest buildings on the block.

Today, The Orlando Company, Inc. carries on with the rich Orlando tradition of developing high quality projects as an owner of retail, office, industrial and mixed use projects. Our strong and experienced team’s attention to detail and concern for surrounding communities is anchored in our roots and expressed in well-located, best in class real estate developments. The Orlando Company, Inc.’s financial acumen, concern for the environment and building for the long term is evident in every project we tackle. Our partners and clients attest to our integrity, diligence and knowledge and are the foundation of our success. We look forward to working with and for you to achieve your goals. Please see our references for further information.